Smart Fields

Helping local farmers analyse and improve the quality and yield of the Jersey Royal Potato.

Innovating the way we see agriculture

Digital Jersey Smart Agriculture Working Group has launched a new initiative to analyse and improve the yield and quality of the Jersey Royal Potato. This is being done with a combination of technologies, each providing a different set of data on the crop.


A multi-technology approach

The combination of technologies include using un-crewed aircraft (drones) to capture thermal, multispectral and RGB data as well as wireless sensors in the soil to communicate the environmental factors affecting the crop’s growth. The combination should enable us to see the plant health, soil health, as well as help the farmers with yield prediction and analysis.

A community of growth

The project is working across 6 fields, with 4 farmers operating the fields. Additionally, there is support from other organisations across the island from technology, utilities and garden centres. We will be updating on the progress of the project throughout this growing season.

Stay tuned to this space for updates!

Smart Fields IoT and Drone Project

Special thanks goes to:

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