6th Annual Jersey TechAwards Highlights

A look back on the night


The 6th Annual TechAwards celebrated the best of Jersey’s tech talent, and marked a year of the most nominations ever made!


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The Winners
Sustainability Award Winner: Government of Jersey Marine Resources

Congratulations to the Government Marine Resources team who are awarded the Sustainability Jersey TechAward for their pioneering Jersey Blue Carbon Report. 

The report used AI mapping to shed light on Jersey’s marine ecosystem and its carbon dynamics, estimating that Jersey’s seabed sequesters over 10,000 tonnes of carbon annually – enough to offset the island’s annual emissions!

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Productivity Award Winner: Channel PC

Channel PC are the winners of the Productivity TechAward! 

Their pioneering usage of drone tech and Matterport 3D scanning have enhanced efficiency in surveying and floor plan generation, accelerating project timelines and ensuring swift, sustainable, and cost-effective client solutions. 

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Fintech Award Winner: TrustQuay Viewpoint

Congratulations to TrustQuay Viewpoint, winners of the Fintech TechAward! 

They have revolutionised fintech accessibility, providing cutting-edge tech to trust and corporate service providers of all sizes. Their comprehensive SaaS platform and automated onboarding tool integrate ID verification, enhancing digital client experiences and meeting regulatory requirements efficiently.

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Leadership Award Winner: Paul Fosse

Well done Paul Fosse – winner of the Leadership TechAward! 

Paul has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives in support of JTC’s Future of Banking Strategy, culminating in the successful launch of a Virtual Account solution for corporate service providers in the offshore space. Under his leadership, this has resulted in a 92% reduction in processing time compared to traditional bank accounts. 

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Innovation Award Winner: Government of Jersey Marine Resources

The Marine Resources Team are awarded the Innovation TechAward! 

Their Blue Carbon Report is the first marine carbon survey for any Crown Dependency, and employed innovative use of AI algorithms to efficiently map environment. Their insights are crucial for achieving the island’s zero-carbon goal and biodiversity preservation.

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Start-Up Award Winner: Reel Creative

Well done to Start-up TechAward Winners, Reel Creative! 

Reel pride themselves on a unique blend of creativity, technology, and a customer-centric focus, using large language AI models to create frameworks and templates which they then apply their artistic, human approach to. Theirs is also the only permanent studio in the Channel Islands to deliver multi-camera livestreams and presentations and broadcast standard. 

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Public & Third Sector Award Winner: The Allan Lab

Congratulations to the Allan Lab, who are awarded the winner of the Public & Third Sector TechAward! 

The Allan Lan team were pivotal in delivering key initiatives during the COVID pandemic, including the Jersey COVID app, and a fully digital health solution for the Nightingale Wing. Since then, they have implemented novel AI clinical solutions to elevate patient care, for instance by improving the image interpretation of heart and brain scans. 

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Company Award Winner: SystemLabs

Congratulations to SystemLabs for winning the Company TechAward! 

SystemLabs champion agile business growth through technology. Their achievements in 2023 include significant team expansion, exemplary SLA compliance, and diverse client empowerment across industries. Their commitment to cybersecurity, award-winning leadership and community support further enhances their impact.

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Teacher Award Winner: Ruth Lea

Well done to Ruth Lea, winner of the Teacher TechAward! 

As Assistant Headteacher for Digital Learning, Ruth has led JCG’s introduction of new digital tools and the Digital Literacy Project. The project has reduced paper consumption, printing costs, and the College’s carbon footprint, whilst enhancing learning and increasing efficiencies. Ruth’s leadership, innovation and patience have empowered teachers and students alike. 

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Creative Award Winner: Anova

Anova are awarded the Creative TechAward! 

Anova stand out for creatively merging AI with employee wellbeing narratives. Their use of AI in design, feedback analysis, and gamification within their SaaS platform showcases a transformative approach to business operations and employee engagement. 

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Student Award Winner: Margaux McQuilton

Congratulations Margaux McQuilton, winner of the Student TechAward! 

Margaux’s work centres around making legislation AI-accessible, and she led a project at the Institute of Law Jersey, looking to blend technology with legal studies. Her efforts to develop AI-compatible legal guidance mark her as a future-shaping individual in tech and law integration.

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Cyber Security Award Winner: JCSC, Soteria, and CIISF

Congratulations to the joint winners of the Cybersecurity TechAward: JCSC, Soteria, and CIISF! 

Joining forces for Cyber Security Awareness Month, they drew a record crowd of 268 attendees to their headline conference and 20 events, covering cyber risk benchmarking and mock incident response workshops.

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Digital Jersey Award Winner: Chris Meyer

The surprise Digital Jersey Award goes to Chris Meyer! 

The judges felt that Chris deserved special recognition for his work, solo coding a way to talk to chatGPT and get voice responses from it using a standard phone line! This is truly an innovative solution as it uses a standard phone number, can be trained to be company-specific, speaks most global languages, and can be connected to multiple types of services and data.

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Highlights Video
Dementia Jersey

Our Chosen Charity for the 6th Annual TechAwards

Dementia Jersey

Dementia Jersey

Dementia Jersey is the only local charity for people with dementia and those who care for them, providing expert support every step of the way whilst raising awareness and campaigning to improve services on the island.

They offer a range of services and activities that are completely free of charge, including one-to-one support, carers support groups, therapeutic activities, musical memories, SplashChat, art exploration, pétanque and so much more!

Find out more about Dementia Jersey and the services they offer or how you can support the charity, click here.

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