Digital Jersey Sustainability

Digital Jersey is continually working to improve its Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) goals.

In line with our commitment to measure emissions where possible, the company annually monitors its most significant Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions, focusing on energy consumption and flight emissions. We gather data on the total annual electricity usage and calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent (‘CO2e’) emissions.

We also utilise travel policies to minimise our carbon footprint and support net-zero initiatives. In 2022 we launched an initiative to understand the performance of our building through the Tether devices and will aim to develop a baseline data set in 2024.

We support wider ESG goals through some of our key projects:

    • Sustainable transport: through the launch of our data trust initiative, Lifecycle, we collected journey data on active travel journeys across the island through 500 smart bike light sensors which will be used to inform transport planning and encourage cycling on the island.
    • Impact Jersey: in 2023, Digital Jersey launched the Impact Jersey initiative, which sought projects that address the Government’s 8 strategic priorities through technology, including 4 specific ESG target areas. Following a robust judging process, 6 projects were selected for funding including projects that will see the installation of sensors in homes to track efficiency, air quality sensors around the island, flood defence sensors to manage storm impact, and carbon mapping to support future net-zero initiatives. Digital Jersey is monitoring and supporting these projects and ensuring their impact is evaluated.

Digital Jersey’s approach to governance is in line with best practice for an organisation of our scale.