The iVapps Smart Cartridge Valve is a major mechanical and technological engineering breakthrough that is revolutionising the valve industry.

The Smart Cartridge Valve represents a major sea-change that will allow our customers to achieve cost-effective pipeline valve management through easily accommodating instrumentation, enabling data from water distribution grids to be captured and processed through the Industrial Internet of Things – thereby, digitising pipeline solutions. This results in millions of litres of water saved daily, and the saving of huge amounts of money.

The self-powered valve, equipped with in-flow sensors, can report real-time data on distribution grid conditions (flow, pressure, chlorine, turbidity, clean water, nano plastics, etc) and enable instant network communication and control as part of a Smart Cities environment. Critically, the valve can be replaced in minutes without digging up the roads, thanks to our patented cartridge technology. Patent protected in key global territories. Saving water through digitisation and energy makes iVapps sustainable and environmentally relevant.