Managing a Data Breach

Do you do Fire drills at work, just in case – well you should do Data Breach Drills as they can be as damaging to your organisation.

  • 26th May 2021
    9:00am - 5:00pm

This Data Breach course will give you the confidence to lead a data breach response team within your organisation and look at way to prevent breaches happening in your organisation. The course looks at the most common ways to breach data and some of the massive data breaches we have seen in the media. You will leave the course with templates you can use in your organisation to help them control this vital area of Data Protection. The course will cover,

• Give you an understanding of the ethical and legal drivers behind Data Breach & GDPR.

• Give you an insight to the principles behind GDPR.

• Allow you to understand what a Data Breach is.

• Make you aware of the process of determining when, who and why a Data Breach has occurred.

• Teach you how to handle a Data Breach.

• Identify main benefits and components of a data breach policy.

• Understand the procedure for dealing with a data breach.

• Understand the data collected and the demonstration of compliance by using the Propelfwd Data Breach Policy.

• Deal with a scenario breach using the Propelfwd Breach Reporting Process.

• The role and powers of the Supervisory Authority

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