Continuum launches tool allowing businesses to take advantage of the latest advances in AI through ChatGPT

Posted: 24/04/2023

Long standing Digital Jersey members, Continuum, has unlocked organisations’ AI capabilities by developing the world’s first Alteryx connectors for ChatGPT, allowing organisations to transform their data into AI prompts. The Continuum ChatGPT Connectors link an organisation’s data to ChatGPT summarising it to write questions, speeding up prioritisation analysis, editing, segmenting, and many other processes.

Continuum has helped clients implement Artificial Intelligence from the beginning, but it’s been a niche activity and with Chat GPT opening people’s eyes to the ease of accessing AI, Continuum is opening large scale use of GPT AI for all Alteryx users.

The Channel Islands have one of the highest concentrations of Alteryx users in the world, with a wide range of organisations across financial services, government, charities, telecoms, and professional services, already using the software to clean, sort, analyse and automate data.

Dan Hare, Managing Director, Continuum, said: “We created this new tool to work with Alteryx and OpenAI’s ChatGPT turning business data into prompts. This enables clients to fast forward their use of AI, taking advantage of it immediately and at speed for their businesses.”

Uses for the tool include sentiment analysis of customer feedback from customer emails or online reviews, with ChatGPT using natural language processing to summarise statements, scoring them for positive or negative sentiment. Users can remove personal identifiers from data, allowing organisations to harness the power of AI without transferring any identifiable personal data. This is then used to generate benchmarks of data from customers or employees and create automated, tailored actions with predicted outcomes.

Dan said: “Using AI accelerates tasks, freeing your time from activities you don’t enjoy or find difficult. If you were to train AI yourself, one question in one language could take hundreds of hours – this way is more like five minutes. It’s critical analysis on steroids. There are so many different uses for enterprises, for HR, marketing, sales in fact almost every area of business. It’s a total game changer where the limit is no longer the technology, it’s how you imagine using it. For instance we were able to win an international hackathon just with a morning’s work for a problem faced by every procurement and accounts payable team.”

Since 2014 Continuum has worked with over 90 clients across the Channel Islands and UK, including RBS, Global Radio (Capital, LBC, Classic FM), Standard Bank, Government of Jersey, and JTC, improving data quality and fixing system migrations and integrations. The Continuum ChatGPT Connector is free and is available for Alteryx users for GPT’s Edits and Completions. See for details.

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