Digital Jersey Invites Local Businesses to Embrace Technology and Innovation

Posted: 12/05/2016

Digital Jersey invites members of Jersey’s wider business community to attend a workshop that forms part of Jersey Business’ Enterprise We...

Digital Jersey invites members of Jersey’s wider business community to attend a workshop that forms part of Jersey Business’ Enterprise Week 2016. The evening will begin with a presentation by businessman and owner of Voisins Department Store, Gerald Voisin. Following this, Head of Offshore and Local Corporates at Barclays Bank Jersey and Digital Eagles representative, Neil McCluskey will present. The workshop is set to take place on 19th May, 5pm – 7pm at The Digital Hub.

Enterprise Week 2016 will provide a diverse cross-section of Islanders throughout Jersey’s industries with access to a series of practical and thought provoking workshops, debates and presentations on a variety of topics. The main objective of the weeklong event is to discuss the current and future challenges that modern businesses face so they can maintain success in the digital age.

Gerald Voisin’s presentation will explore how he has adapted Voisins to current digital trends since taking over the business in 1993 and will discuss his role in transforming the business from a traditional retailer into a digitally enabled and fashion focused business. Neil McCluskey will then go on to discuss how a new Barclay’s Digital Eagles project is providing opportunities for individuals and small businesses to educate themselves and become confident in using technology with their Digital Driving Licence learning tool.

Within the context of Enterprise Week, the main aim of the presentations is to provide an informative platform for Islanders to learn about and explore the opportunities and challenges presented to small and medium sized businesses by technology, how technology is reshaping our industries and how they can adapt to succeed in the digital world.

The evening will also see the launch of Digital Jersey’s ‘Digitise Your Enterprise’ competition which aims to encourage businesses in Jersey to become more digital.

Graeme Smith, CEO of Jersey Business said:

“We know from our work helping companies to become more efficient how important it is for organisations to implement technology that is appropriate for their business. Knowing what is available and having the confidence to learn about technology and bring it into the workplace is often a barrier and so we are delighted that Neil and Gerald are prepared to share their expertise and experiences. Our intention is that this event will be a platform for people to share knowledge and gain the confidence they need to introduce a new system or platform and transform how their business operates.”

Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey, commented:

“In 2016, we can already see how technology is rapidly, and significantly, disrupting industries on a global scale! Transforming our business models and rethinking the way we approach business in this new landscape is now critical. We’re already seeing this in action in Jersey, and it is the businesses that embrace innovation such as Voisins, who have evolved from a traditional retailer to a digitally enabled business, that are experiencing continued success in the digital age. Enterprise Week 2016 highlights the fact we can’t ignore these fundamental changes happening across all of our industries. I encourage Islanders to attend the free workshops and discussions and particularly to embrace technology – don’t be afraid of it! This will ensure that we are all well equipped to succeed and thrive in the digital future that is already upon us.”

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