eGovernment Procurement

Posted: 14/08/2014

In March this year Digital Jersey hosted the Jersey eGovernment vision presentation where the States laid out their plans and targets for developing d...

In March this year Digital Jersey hosted the Jersey eGovernment vision presentation where the States laid out their plans and targets for developing digital government services including the aspiration of achieving 75% of all interactions to be conducted digitally by 2018.

Since that time the eGovernment team has consulted widely with industry on the structure of the programme, the various roles required and the governance required.  The next stage is about to commence, largely in line with the timetable from March, and is detailed below.  The eGovernment initiative remains a priority for Digital Jersey and we continue to view this as an important catalyst for the digital sector in the island.  Your participation in the process and attendance at the scheduled briefings is very much encouraged.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this please don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected]

eGovernment Procurement 

The Public Sector of Jersey is in the process of reform, through a long term, evolutionary programme of change. The purpose of this reform is to forge a more innovative and efficient, more service orientated and lower cost government. The development of an eGovernment model and subsequent future implementation is a major component to delivering reform which will underpin a new customer services philosophy and technical platform to deliver services digitally.

The States of Jersey recognise that the delivery of such extensive change necessitates a well-planned and structured approach which is agreed by all States Departments.  It also requires the procurement and integrated management of specialist resource and technology.  The procurement of these key components has been split into two stages.


eGovernment Procurement – Stage 1

The first stage recognises the requirement for a Lead Partner to work with the States of Jersey and, in collaboration with other suppliers as appropriate, deliver:

Detailed business requirements sufficient to define and recommend the technical component specifications;

Identification and evaluation of cost, resources, and activities related to the business change function necessary to support Departments in changing their business processes to digitally enabled ones; 

A working Enterprise Architecture function that has created the business, application, data, and infrastructure models sufficient to underpin the public sector eGovernment delivery; and 

A Data Management function that has assessed the necessary quality and security of core Departmental data, and has created agreed plans to support and guide Departments in achieving the changes necessary.  


The first stage will provide the necessary requirements to successfully define and procure further specialist resource and technology for delivery (in Stage 2).

The proposed timelines for the procurement and tendering for this first stage (Stage 1) are outlined below.

Tender Issue Date29 August 2014
Supplier briefing event05 September 2014
Supplier tender briefings08 – 12 September 2014
Tender close time and date22 September 2014
Supplier presentations/ interviews01 – 10 October 2014
Preferred supplier notified20 October 2014
Contract start date03 November 2014


eGovernment Procurement – Stage 2

The timelines for Stage 2 procurement will be advised before the completion of Stage 1 delivery.


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