International change management practice launches Blockchain workshop series

Posted: 12/07/2018

Marbral Advisory, a leading international change and project management specialist has launched a series of workshops dedicated to Blockchain.

Marbral Advisory, a leading international change and project management specialist has launched a series of workshops in Jersey, Lisbon and Malta, dedicated to explaining Blockchain. The series involves two different workshops; a workshop called Blockchain for lawyers targeted at those working in the legal sector, who have little technical know-how and finally a generic workshop called Blockchain Basics.

The workshops will be delivered by  Blockchain Simulation, a global Blockchain expert from Amsterdam. They will target anyone who has no technical background, but who is interested in learning more about Blockchain and how to apply it in a business context. The mechanics of Blockchain are taught by playing a paper-based role play game and upon completion, the benefits of this technology suddenly become very clear.

Leonie McCrann, CEO (British Isles), Marbral Advisory, said, “we are delighted to be working with Blockchain Simulation to deliver these workshops. Gui Vohringer and George Pedra are experienced business transformation professionals who are obsessed with finding elegant solutions to complex problems by getting to the root of the issue, so we’re looking forward to seeing our guests get their ah-ha moments at one of these events.”

Gui Vohringer, Co-Founder of Blockchain Simulation, added, “Getting lost in a sea of hype and unnecessary complexity is easily done these days. Sometimes you just need to bring technology concepts back to their essence and explain things in ways everyone can understand”.

The transformation Blockchain is making in the legal sector is particularly interesting. Blockchain for lawyers will target anyone working in the legal sector, who has little technical experience but is keen to learn more about the benefits Blockchain could deliver to their legal practice.

“Blockchain is transforming the way in which organisations operate. It is creating greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, faster transactions and increased efficiency. But, it is revolutionising the legal sector, streamlining and removing third parties, and has the potential to disrupt the way in which legal services operate”, explained Leonie McCrann. “This workshop will be extremely beneficial to those working within the legal sector and could help transform their practice into a more effective and efficient operation”.

Gui Vohringer, added, “one thing which keeps surprising me about these workshops is how quickly non-technical people understand Blockchain, and actually get inspired to come up with their own uses for it in their businesses”.

Guests who attend any of these workshops will also enjoy a heavily discounted offer to access the ‘Blockchain Basics’ e-Learning course, Marbral Advisory has written. By extending the know-how of Blockchain, the organisation could reap the benefits that Blockchain offers to those who harness the technology.


Workshop Dates | Times | Venue & Useful Links

Blockchain Basics
31 July | 15:00 – 17:00
8 Hill Street Executive Offices
More info:

Blockchain for lawyers
31 July | 17:30 – 19:30
8 Hill Street Executive Offices
More info:

Blockchain Basics e-Learning
More info:

Blockchain Simulation
More info:


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