Introducing Jersey's digital business network

Posted: 17/07/2019

By Audrey Lescot, Policy Officer, Digital Jersey

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have 100 things on your ‘to do’ list, you’ll need to be in a dozen places at the same time, and there’ll be occasions when you wonder if there’ll be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

It was a moment just like that which made me stop and consider if there was a new way we could spread the news of both Digital Jersey’s work and that of the island’s growing tech sector right around the world.

Fast forward a few weeks, with lots of refinement along the way, some nifty digital design, and the commitment of a group of individuals and global partners, and I am delighted to share with you news of the Digital Jersey Ambassador Programme.

This is our very own business network of executives and entrepreneurs who are in the fast lane of digital development, who are already travelling the world for their own business ends, who have come together to form a powerful network of individuals committed to amplifying the message of what’s happening back in the island.

Thanks to their support, we’ve built a programme that gives ambassadors privileged access to facilities in a growing number of digital hubs around the world where we’ve signed memorandums of understanding, a private online portal to share their news, events, projects and even collaboration requests, as well as myriad opportunities to build their own professional connections with other ambassadors.

We’re now wanting to grow that network and are looking for others in Jersey’s tech sector, wherever they may be, to become Ambassadors.

All we ask in return is that they spread the word and help our growing community and business network – which could be a heads up about an introduction to somebody who may be minded to relocate to Jersey, or some other way of contributing to the island’s economic digital growth.

Among our launch ambassadors, Cygnetise founder Steve Pomfret, Feelunique founder Aaron Chatterley,  and Comnexa commercial director Phil Cuming,

You could be next.

My ‘to do’ list hasn’t got any shorter, but knowing we’ve a group of brilliant digital go-getters flying the flag for Digital Jersey and the island’s tech sector means everything I’m doing, and everything you’re doing, is being seen and heard by even more people internationally.

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