Phundex Latest Release Announced-January 2023

Posted: 26/01/2023

Making your business better – Phundex delivers additional platform functionality and more comprehensive Helpdesk content.

St Helier (January 12, 2023) – Phundex Limited and Phundex UK Ltd

Phundex Product Release Notes January 2023

Phundex is pleased to announce its first release for 2023, delivering functionality requested by clients in the fall of 2022.

“We were asked for most of this functionality by clients” said Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO of Phundex. “We are delighted to be solving challenges raised by our clients over the past few months.”

Phundex helps you to streamline and simplify administration and transaction management in a centralized hub, dramatically reducing time, complexity and costs through better connectivity and collaboration.

Platform Enhancements

Creating Tasks with Multi-select Forms – now you can create forms with multiple selection options in the Data Type field.

See Tasks for all Team Members – as an Admin or Manager, you can now see all Tasks you have assigned to Team Members as well as your own Tasks, allowing you to ensure appropriate Task allocations levels and quick reallocations across your Team.

Pathway Filtering – you can now sort Pathways by Manager and by Client so you can easily see all Pathways related to a particular Manager or Client.

Data room view and filtering – You can now view Documents and Task Forms by tile or by list. You can also sort Documents and Task Forms by Team Member so you can easily see documents and data forms for your assigned Tasks or those of your Team Members.

Changing completed Tasks – In October, we enabled changing completed Tasks back to the “to-do” section. This also allowed the Manager to amend the Task requirements and instructions. In this release, we have added new email message functionality to increase your options to amend completed Tasks without having to send separate email notifications.

Minor user experience enhancements

Phundex forms – we’ve cleaned up a minor bug on Task Forms created as part of a Phundex Pathway Template

Temporary Users – we’ve also cleaned up a minor bug for Temporary Users, where our system added them to an additional company, causing issues for access

HelpDesk and FAQ’s Enhancements

The Phundex Platform includes an online HelpDesk with handy tips, videos, FAQ’s and details about each of our Pathways. The HelpDesk also has all resource material from our website and a chat feature to request more bespoke information or ask about additional features. We have updated our solution articles, to include information regarding each of the enhancements above, and our Help Desk is standing by if you have additional questions.

“Phundex is the platform for faster, more efficient financial management, getting you to market sooner”.

“Prioritizing steps and repeating transactions without missing out steps can be extremely labour intensive,” observes Phundex founder Heather-Anne Hubbell, a former lawyer and banker who has worked extensively in the banking and finance industry. “Phundex enables efficient prioritization and the ability to replicate steps and transactions, simplifying the process and providing transparency and better governance”.

Request a demo today at [email protected], You can find a more detailed description of the release contents and additional resources on LinkedIn | Phundex or at our website

For more information please contact:

Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO
43, Le Vier Mont 128 City Road
St Helier, Jersey JE2 4NG London, UK EC1V 2NX

Phone: +44 1534 746 154
Email: [email protected]

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