Pinpoint Listed as Gartner FrontRunner

Posted: 07/03/2019

Jersey-based recruitment software Pinpoint has been identified as a top performing product in Gartner’s Applicant Tracking Systems FrontRunners Report

Among strong international competition, Pinpoint placed third overall in the Applicant Tracking System category – second on the Usability criteria and third on the User Recommended criteria.

“To be given this accolade so early in our journey is both an incredible honour and a real reflection of the pride we take in what we’re building. Whilst we offer a full suite of applicant tracking system features, we focus much of our efforts on candidate sourcing and that’s where we’re really winning”, said Tom Hacquoil, Pinpoint CEO.

“Over the past ten years, the recruitment market has changed and power has moved from the company to the candidate. In 2019 it’s not about buying people, it’s about selling them on the opportunity to work at your organisation and that’s exactly what Pinpoint helps our clients do.”

Despite having users in 36 countries, businesses in Jersey are finding Pinpoint equally valuable.

“We get calls from clients telling us that we’ve helped them fill a position that previously had zero applicants, or that we’ve enabled them to reduce their recruitment costs by 80% – that’s when we know we’re getting it right,” adds Tom.

“We’re still relatively new in the applicant tracking space and to have been included in this list (and to have ranked higher than the majority of companies that are five to ten years older than us) is an incredibly encouraging sign as we continue to grow our business.”

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