States of Jersey Digital Director to Speak at IOD Lunch

Posted: 29/10/2018

Evolving the Island’s capability to respond to cyber threats…

States of Jersey Digital Director to Speak at IOD Lunch


Evolving the Island’s capability to respond to cyber threats, the Island’s Cyber Security Strategy and the potential to establish a Channel Island cyber response team will be put under the spotlight when Stephanie Peat, Director of Digital & Telecoms Policy at States of Jersey, presents to the IOD lunch club audience on Tuesday 6th November.

Former Strategy Manager for Ofcom and Head of Strategy for Freesat, Stephanie Peat came to the States of Jersey role in 2013 with a varied digital skill set. In her current position, she has set the digital vision and, in October 2017, delivered Jersey’s first Island-wide Cyber Security Strategy. Now a year on since the strategy was launched, she will speak to the audience about its progression and future goals. She will also be discussing the importance of cyber security for a thriving economy and how businesses can help to mitigate risk.

The event, sponsored by Kendrick Rose, will be held at the Grand Jersey Hotel & Spa. It will begin with networking drinks in the Champagne Lounge from midday, followed by lunch and will draw to a close at 2pm.

Stephanie Peat, Director of Digital & Telecoms Policy, States of Jersey, says: “We envisage a cyber-resilient Island where all islanders are informed about cyber security risks, and the essential services for maintaining life and a modern economy are as secure as possible. Having a well-educated workforce will play a key role in delivering this and will also benefit the broader economy. The cyber security vision for 2020 is to ‘make Jersey a safer place to live and to do business’ – making the Island more attractive for new and existing businesses, underpinning new growth areas such as the digital sector and enhancing Jersey’s potential and brand as a jurisdiction. It is our purpose to help all Islanders and all local businesses to be safe online as this will increasingly underpin our success as a jurisdiction well into the 21st century.

“Whilst it is important that we look to digital technology as a means of improving our economy and wellbeing, we must also acknowledge that new technology brings new risks. In today’s digitally connected world, cyber security has become a prerequisite for a strong society and a thriving economy; especially in the financial services sector and the expanding digital industry. The 2015 Innovation Review, Digital Jersey’s 2016 Opportunity Analysis and also the Digital Policy Framework have all highlighted cyber security as a key building block that underpins Jersey’s continued success as a jurisdiction. I am looking forward to discussing our vision and the steps already taken with the IOD audience and hearing their feedback.”

Chris Clark, IoD Jersey Chairman, says: “Jersey needs to be in a position where all businesses are fully aware of their individual cyber risks and responsibilities, have sufficient information to allow them to take the best decisions for their organisations and where cyber security is a priority for the board room. We are very grateful to Stephanie for hosting the next IOD lunch and bringing this topic to the fore. Commercial organisations have responsibility for managing their own risks, but Government can play a role by facilitating information sharing, providing appropriate minimum cyber security standards and having an effective incident response capability in place. At the lunch, the audience will be able to hear what has happened in the year since the introduction of the Cyber Security Strategy for Jersey and the hot topic of the work currently underway in conjunction with the States of Guernsey looking at establishing a cyber response team for the Channel Islands.”

Places can be booked for the lunch on Tuesday 6th November, 12-2pm at Grand Jersey, via Eventbrite – Tickets are £25 for Members and £30 for non-members.

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