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Posted: Thursday 22 May 2014

TEDxStHelier comprises a variety of powerful, short talks, each focused on a single topic or idea, none exceeding 18 minutes. To see the other videos:…

TEDxStHelier comprises a variety of powerful, short talks, each focused on a single topic or idea, none exceeding 18 minutes.

To see the other videos: 

Digital Jersey at TEDxStHelier

Developing High Risk Ventures: Richard Noble OBE 

Re-Thinking Corporate Social Responsibility: Andy Le Seelluer 

Human Performance: Jeremy Cross at TEDxStHelier 

The Dendelion Project: Marc Winn at TEDxStHelier

The TEDxStHelier themes were multidisciplinary and broad, including Science and Technology; Education and Opportunity; Innovation and Design; Challenge and Endeavour; Charity and Community.

The attendance was limited to 100 guests, to provide a really engaging environment for both the Speakers and the audience. TEDxStHelier featured Richard Noble OBE, Susanne Wiigh Masak and local speakers including local students. 

John McGuinness, the Headteacher at Grainville said:
"At Grainville we aim to Inspire, Motivate and Challenge students and staff to aim high and in doing so, become successful leaders with brighter futures. Grainville School is therefore extremely proud to be associated with the TED philosophy of bringing together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers."

About the speakers:

Richard Noble OBE
Against a background of today's low risk culture, Richard Noble specialises in developing high risk ventures. Obviously not all of them can be successful, but the Thrust2 programme which brought the World Land Speed Record back to Britain in 1983 and the Thrust SSC first car to travel faster than the speed of sound are the best known.

Richard Noble's other projects include the ARV Super2 light aircraft, the Atlantic Sprinter Blue Riband contender and currently the 1,000 mph BLOODHOUND SSC, an international education initiative focused around building and running the ultimate jet and rocket powered racing car.

Susanne Wiigh Masak 
The environmentally friendly burial pioneer will be coming from Sweden for TEDxStHelier . She is a really interesting person, with a great story and despite coming from far away has a lot of local relevance. More information on Susanne here.

Andy Le Seeleur MBE 
Andy was recently awarded an MBE for his charity work, yet he has some unusual and controversial views on Corporate Social Responsibility 

Jooj duQuemin
A photographer who believes in the fusion of science and art, Jooj will explore how we 'see' colour in the world around us, and the variety of factors that influence this.

For more info: | Facebook | Twitter | Tim@TEDxStHelier | 07797 762 051

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