The Channel Islands' has its first Data Roaming eSIM Seamless Connectivity available for everyone who travels

Posted: 23/05/2024

In a significant enhancement to mobile services, JT has launched the first and only Data Roaming eSIM from a Channel Islands mobile network operator.

In a significant enhancement to mobile services, JT has launched the first and only Data Roaming eSIM from a Channel Islands mobile network operator. The JT eSIM is now available to all Channel Islanders and visitors, offering market-leading data roaming rates in the UK and EU helping people save money, regardless of which telecoms provider they normally use – all with the simplicity and ease of eSIM technology.

So what exactly is an eSIM and how does it work? eSIM is a digital SIM already built into modern devices, like newer smartphones and tablets, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. To activate it, you just scan a QR code or download it through an app, which lets you connect to a mobile network in minutes.

The JT eSIM is the best option if you’re looking for an easy way to stay connected while travelling. You won’t need to switch SIM cards as you move across the UK and Europe, and you’ll get the lowest data rates without the worry of bill shock. It’s also perfect for visitors to the Channel Islands, whether here for a day or a month. The best part? It’s available to everyone, no matter which provider you use. It’s contract-free and doesn’t require credit checks, giving you complete flexibility and control over your mobile usage.

Lee Madden, CEO, GR8 Recruitment said: “Providing affordable connectivity for employees coming to the island to work in various sectors is essential. With JT eSIM, staying in touch with family back home and connecting with new people here is now going to be so much easier. It’s simple to setup, with no language barriers, just scan, pay, and go. It’s flexible, instant, and requires no commitment.’’

Steph Parker, Travel Influencer @bigworldsmallpockets said: ‘’JT eSIM is a game-changer for solo travellers. Instant, secure connectivity which really gives me peace of mind wherever I go. It’s affordable, easy to top up, and knows no borders. Stay connected and safe on all your adventures!

The beauty of this option is that the JT eSIM works across multiple countries for 30 days, making it perfect for planned business trips and holidays or spontaneous border-crossing adventures.”

Tom Noel, Chief Product Officer, JT Group said: ‘‘At JT, our focus is on the customer. Our Data Roaming eSIM is easy to use, affordable, and flexible, with no long-term commitment required. You don’t need to be a JT customer to enjoy roaming with JT.

Tom added: ‘’With Many CI businesses having an international presence and with many others expanding into new markets, the JT eSIM offers a solution to one of their biggest challenges: maintaining reliable and cost-efficient global connectivity, from a trusted provider that they know they can rely on. eSIM technology is set to replace physical SIMs soon, and we’re committed to staying ahead of these changes to meet the needs of travellers everywhere.’’

The JT eSIM is available for purchase online with activation that is immediate and straightforward. Data plans start at £6, covering outbound travellers going to the UK and Europe. Unlimited data, along with local calls and texts, are available for just £20, catering well to inbound tourists and business travellers.

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