KPMG Opportunity Analysis

We commissioned KPMG with producing research that outlines digital opportunities and strategic recommendations that could focus our business development planning. Please see the report in full below.

Opportunity Analysis

This report presents Digital Jersey Limited (“DJL”) with a set of targeted digital opportunities identified through evidencebased research. The findings from this report are intended to focus DJL’s business development planning activities for 2016 which will be articulated in their forthcoming business plan. During the course of our research we also identified a number of “cross-cutting concerns” that in our view need to be addressed to increase the probability that these opportunities can be successful. Pursuing both the short term business development opportunities whilst also working on strategically positioning Jersey to be able to be a world class digital player by dealing with these cross-cutting concerns should in our view be central to DJL’s overall strategy.

Read the report in full below.

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