IoT Day Presentations 2018

As one of the best-connected places on the planet, Jersey is in a unique position to explore the impacts of increasing digitisation on society and the economy.

A focus on data resulting from our unrivalled connectivity presents an opportunity for Jersey to build a physical, economic and social Digital Twin of the island.

An island Digital Twin would enable public and private entities to combine data for scenario planning leading to more informed decision making and public consultation, as well as paving the way for future data-intensive businesses.

Throughout IoT Day we examined how Jersey could position itself in order to grasp the opportunities afforded by the fourth industrial revolution. Watch the day’s expert talks below.

Jersey TechWeek 2018 - IoT Day Speaker Presentations

Andy Stanford-Clark - What is Digital Twinning and Why Will it be Important?

An insightful presentation from Andy Stanford-Clark, Chief Technology Officer (UK & Ireland), IBM, examining what is Digital twinning and why will it be important.

Dan Byles - Introduction to Living PlanIT

Dan Byles, VP & Head of Corporate Development introduces Living PlanIT and discusses IoT in the smart cities space and how that connects back to digital twins.

Chris Ambler - Powering the Digital Twin to Inspire a Path to Zero Carbon for Jersey

Chris Ambler, Chief Executive of Jersey Electricity plc examines how powering the digital twin can inspire a path to zero carbon for Jersey.

Michael Bateman - C5 & The IoT

Michael Bateman, Head of Bespoke Development, C5 Alliance – C5 & The IoT.

Jason Plent - Twin Peaks: When is being a twin useful?

Jason Plent, Founder & CEO, IoT Systems Group – Twin Peaks: When is being a twin useful? And other stories from when you were in trouble and nobody knew…

Phil Male – How the information JT Global collects could feed into a digital twin

Phil Male, Chairman of JT discusses what information JT Global collects and how this could feed into a digital twin for Jersey.

Brian Matthews - UK Autodrive: The Milton Keynes experience

Brian Matthews, Head of Transport & Innovation, Milton Keynes Government – UK Autodrive: The Milton Keynes experience in deploying Self Driving Vehicles on its streets.

Sean McCarthy - Data mirroring using satellites, including marine & climate

Sean McCarthy, Head of Market Facing Problems at Satellite Applications Catapult, discusses data mirroring using satellites, including marine & climate.

Julie Alexander - Path to Digital Transformation

Julie Alexander, Director of Urban Development at Siemens examines the path to digital transformation.

Andrew Penney - A Digital Twin Vision for Jersey

Andrew Penney, Business Development Manager at CityZenith explores a digital twin vision for Jersey - towards becoming the world’s first smart state.