Data Protection Practitioners (GDPR) course - CPD certified

Please note that this event is going to be delayed Рwe will update you with new dates in due course 


  • 7th April 2020 - 8th April 2020
    all day


Digital Jersey

Continue your learning with this in depth course, covering the major elements of data protection and GDPR.

This course will give you a detailed understanding of:

  1. Data Subject Access requests and exemptions
  2. Data Breach policies and response
  3. The role of the Supervisory Authorities, their powers and sanctions
  4. Data Protection Impact Assessments, when they are needed and how to do them.

The laws covered will be:

  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  2. Data Protection(Jersey) Law 2018
  3. DPA2018 (UK)

Any differences between the laws will be pointed out and explained
We start with a very brief recap of the GDPR, Principles, Data Subject Rights, Data transfers and general compliance.

This is a two day course, packed with information to give you a real practical approach to Data Protection compliance.

Once the course is completed you will:

  • Understanding the ethical and legal drivers behind GDPR & Data Protection and your role as a Subject Access practitioner.
  • Knowledge of the statute & case case, guidance and exemptions that exist in processing a subject access request.
  • How to develop an Individual rights policy for your organisation.
  • Know how to use tools and templates to support your work.
  • Have tools to develop an action plan for you to undertake your role as a practitioner.
  • Understand the ethical and legal drivers behind Data Breach & GDPR
  • Gain an insight to the principles behind GDPR
  • Gives you an understanding what a Data Breach is
  • Make you aware of the process of determining when, who and why a Data Breach has occurred.
  • Know how to handle a Data Breach
  • Understand the Role of a Supervisory Authority
  • Know what investigative, Corrective and Enforcement powers they have
  • Know what Advice you can get from the Supervisory Authority
  • Know what a notice of intent is
  • Understand administrative fines
  • Understand the need for a DPIA.
  • The Role of the DPO is the process
  • Undertake a DPIA and critically assess a DPIA.

This course will give you the knowledge and practical skills required to be an effective team member of any data privacy compliance department.

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