Digital Skills of the Future - Student Talk

Which digital skills do you need for your future? Join Skills Jersey on Thursday 9th July for a webinar and Q&A with Adam Blackwood from the University of Kent, who will be discussing the digital skills needed for a range of careers. Book your free ticket today on Eventbrite.

  • 9th July 2020
    2:00pm - 3:00pm


Online Webinar

The coronavirus crisis has changed the way we live our lives, with much more of it now online. This difficult time has already taught us some lessons about how we must respond and make sure we have the right set of digital skills for the future.

Adam Blackwood, who works as the Knowledge Exchange Lead and eLearning Consultant at the University of Kent will be taking you through some essential digital skills you will need for the future.

Presentation details:

In every industry, digital skills of some level are needed. If you are unemployed, you need digital skills to find work. If you want to be a car mechanic, you need to know how to test for onboard computers in every modern car. If you are interested in agriculture, you may end up using semi automated tractors or combines with GPS and soil sampling sensors that give you a digital picture of the chemical content of every square inch of your fields. It is not a case of knowing so much about anyone part of digital technologies, but rather having a good foundation and more a case of being able to learn and acquire digital skills as you need them.

Adam will discuss a range of skill sets which enter digital technology related careers and the sorts of skills that are useful for them.

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