How to navigate the Digital Assets opportunity in 2024?

An outlook by Adrian Fritz, head of research at 21Shares.

  • 15th January 2024
    4:30pm - 6:30pm


Digital Jersey Hub

This session is a guide to understand the next generation of Internet services and explain why blockchains are at the heart of this innovation. In addition, 21Shares one of the leading Crypto-ETP providers will give a more in depth explanation on how to access digital assets in a traditional format.

Adrian Fritz (Head of Research at 21Shares) will indulge you in his 2024 outlook within the Digital Assets space along with a Q&A session where guests will be free to ask any questions related to crypto or web3.

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes including 30 minutes Q&A

Networking drinks and refreshments will be served.

About the speaker: Adrian Fritz – LinkedIn

Adrian leads the research department at 21Shares, a $2 billion digital asset management firm. He provides insights into crypto markets and patterns associated with the global economy and geopolitics. His research is often featured in Bloomberg, Business Insider, and other leading news outlets to build crypto products and tokens ahead of market trends and help financial institutions, journalists, regulators, and the community navigate the crypto asset industry.

Adrian creates data-based market analysis with a focus on the crypto asset industry. Adrian Fritz completed a master’s degree at HULT International Business School in San Francisco and began his career as a stock broker in New York. He then worked in investment banking and management consulting. Before, he was at Signature Management Consultants SL in Barcelona and worked as a financial analyst at Cellnex Telecom in Zurich.

Company information:

2 1Shares LinkedIn

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