Calligo is a global, award-winning managed data services provider and the first of its kind. Our unique collection of managed data services includes outsourced IT, data privacy and AI and automation to ensure customer’s data is continuously available, adherent and actionable.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from freer, safer, more useful data that powers profitability, client satisfaction and innovation, while protecting data privacy. Calligo unleashes the potential of business data anywhere in its lifecycle, so businesses can work smarter, use data safer and innovate faster.

Our Services:

Data Privacy Services – Helping businesses to operate safer from a solid legal and ethical base, that supports their performance, innovation and growth, and never their blocking ambitions.

Outsourced IT Services – Empowering businesses to work smarter by providing continuously available, secure data that drives productivity, and respects data privacy obligations, while creating a platform for innovative growth.

Data Insight Services – Enabling businesses to grow closer to their data, with zero data science skills, and to use it safely to uncover possibilities, answer questions and resolve challenges.