Calligo wins Global MSP of the Year at European Partners 51

Posted: 17/12/2019

Calligo is thrilled to announce that they have won Global MSP of the Year!

Calligo was presented with the Global MSP of the Year award at the inaugural European Partners 51 event in London.

European Partners 51 is the EMEA offshoot of the ‘MSP 501’, the well-established and highly prestigious global ranking for managed services providers, in which Calligo was ranked in the top 100 earlier this year.

In this European version, Calligo was ranked the 6th strongest MSP in EMEA. At the launch event this week where the 51 chosen MSPs were honoured, special awards were given to six handpicked MSPs for their innovation, performance, growth and vision.

One of these was the Global MSP of the Year, awarded to Calligo for our innovative approach.

Typical MSPs focus on simply supporting and securing clients’ networks and devices. But we view this as an outdated approach. We believe a modern MSP’s role goes beyond maintenance. We want to help our clients fulfil the total potential of their data.

The difference here is two-fold:

1. We focus on client’s data, not technology. This includes data’s capture, storage, maintenance, security and monetization – the entire data lifecycle.

2. To do this, our services have to stretch beyond the typical IT MSP remit of cloud infrastructure and IT support, and into Privacy by Design, data privacy regulations consultancy, and AI & Automation – and we have to deliver those services well

The simple, inescapable truth is that the focus for any modern service provision needs to be the data, not the technology. And it is this philosophy – and our success in delivering on its promise – which has made us stand out from the 501 top MSPs in the world, and from the 51 top MSPs in EMEA.

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