Theo Lorenz & Prof.Dr.Tanja Siems (Inter-Professional Studios), Anthony Tasgal (Point Of View), Ben Cyzer (The Moving Picture Company)

How creative industries can help Guernsey work.

Learn Create Produce is a symposium exploring the Islands limitless creative potential. Guernsey's creative sector has touch points within all areas of commerce, education and employment- from creative thinking and creative business practice within organisations, to the 200+ creative companies of the island, employing over 1,000 creative people- the island needs to focus on creativity as an asset and release its creative potential?

Learn "The landscape of creative education is changing. How can creative industries benefit from this new collective learning process?"

Create "Most people see creativity as having a tangible output, but what are the possibilities of creative thinking on a wider vocational setting? "

Produce "Creativity has adopted a multi-disciplined, multimedia approach- what tools are required to enable applied creativity?"

8 November 2013
9:00 - 16:00
Guernsey, Duke Of Richmond

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