6th Annual
Jersey TechAwards

The Jersey TechAwards celebrate the very best of Jersey’s digital talent, creativity and entrepreneurship. The 6th Annual Jersey TechAwards ceremony will take place on Friday 26th April, 2024 at The Royal Jersey Showground.





The Jersey TechAwards

It’s time to celebrate the island’s top tech talent. Innovation is powered by islanders, and we want to reward those going the extra mile to make the future better for all of us.

See the upcoming award categories below.

The categories for the awards are:
Innovation Award

This award recognises a team or a business which has developed a truly innovative technological solution which solves a problem or acts as a market disrupter. The winning entry will describe the current or potential benefits of the innovation or disruption.

Start-up Award

This will be a technology-oriented organisation that has existed for only a short time but which, despite its relative youth, demonstrates success so far and promise for the future. Success can be measured in any way – for example spectacular financials, strong reputation, major team expansion or anything else which demonstrates strong and sustainable growth.

Public & Third Sector Award

This award recognises the achievement of a public sector team or charity in the use of technology and or innovation to bring added benefits to organisation or people/community they represent/support.

Leadership Award

This award is for an individual or team who have shown effective leadership in driving the adoption of technology for the benefit of their industry sector or organisation. The winner of this award will be a positive advocate for technology and its benefits.

Sustainability Award

This award is aimed at organisations that have used technology in a way that has made a significant, measurable, positive impact in a “green” sense. Examples include automation, reductions in wastage, energy or fuel savings, improvements in environmental health and improvements in environmental awareness. The award is open both to organisations whose purpose is to promote and generate sustainability and to any organisation that has undertaken a project with a significant sustainability benefit.

Company Award

This award will go to an established organisation that the judges consider to be one of the leading lights among entries for the awards overall. The winning entry will be an organisation that develops and sells technology or helps others to use technology extensively and effectively and is successful largely or entirely as a result.

Fintech Award

Entrants for this award will be either: (a) any kind of innovative technology used in the Finance industry; or (b) finance-oriented technology used in any industry, financial or otherwise.

Creative Award

The winner of this award will go to an organisation that has used technology in an innovative and creative way with a result that has made a significant difference to the organisation, or its clients and/or the way it or its clients works. Entrants can range from a company who has implemented an innovative use of technology to improve efficiencies to someone who has run an influential digital marketing campaign.

Student Award

The winner will be a school pupil who shows exceptional aptitude, ability and/or interest in technology, up to and including Year 11, i.e. GSCE level, as well Year 12 and over or a college/university student, a non-techie re-skilling into a tech subject, even someone technical who is extending their knowledge in an exciting way. Anyone actively studying technology in any way is eligible to be nominated.

Teacher Award

This award will go to the person who has made the most significant contribution this year to technology teaching in Jersey. Anyone who teaches technology in some way is eligible for this award.

Productivity Award

The winner in this category will be an individual or organisation that has used technology in an innovative way to demonstrably increase productivity of an organisation, either one they are working for or one they are advising.

Cybersecurity Award

This award will go to an organisation that the judges consider the most impressive with regard to their activities in cyber security. There could be a focus on a particular project (e.g. the implementation of a new security solution or regime), but equally the organisation’s overall cyber security approach may be the subject of the nomination with no reference to a specific project.

The 6th Annual Jersey TechAwards are sponsored by:


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Carey Olsen

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Sure Business

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A Look Back at the 5th Annual Jersey TechAwards

The 5th Annual Jersey TechAwards, sponsored by C5 & Lloyds Bank International, was hosted by UK comedian Zoe Lyons and celebrated winners across eleven categories and raised a glass to our island of digital innovators!


The 2023 Jersey TechAwards winners were:

  • Company Award – RaceNation/SportsGiving
  • Innovation Award – RaceNation/SportsGiving
  • Start-up Award – Soteria
  • Fintech Award – Cygnetise
  • Creative Award – ArtHouse Jersey
  • Student Award – Poppy
  • Teacher Award – Katie Ferreira
  • Leadership Award – Werner Bornman
  • ESG Award – Government of Jersey Marine Resources team
  • Productivity Award – Wedigital
  • Public Sector Award – Jersey Coastguard

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