Digital Twin

Digital Twin is Digital Jersey’s new data-rich virtual representation of the Island offering stakeholders a platform to make data-driven decisions in a low-risk environment before deploying them in the real world.

What is the Digital Twin?

The Digital Twin comprises three key elements: a data platform populated with real-world and real-time data from myriad sources, a simulation which allows you to test theories and ideas in a completely safe setting, and a virtual reality experience to bring concepts to life.

This approach saves time and money, allows for innovative thinking to be put into virtual practice in a zero physical impact way, and offers instant calibration and modification until the right result is found.


What are the possibilities?

Would staggering school start times help ease traffic flows? Trialing it in the real world could cause massive upheaval, disruption and potential negative reaction. Trialing it with the Digital Twin data platform and simulation means you can find the answer without a single motorist needing to know.

The possibilities offered by the Digital Twin are only limited by your imagination. But, even then, we can recreate what you’ve imagined through our virtual reality experience, so now there really are no boundaries to the possibilities.

How you can work with us

We are seeking more applications or study areas for the Digital Twin concept. If you are developing monitoring solutions for smart city or public realm improvement and are seeking a pilot or soft-launch location – we would love to hear from you.


If you are an AR or VR developer and would like to be involved in the interactive visual elements, let us know.


If you are an interested member of the Public – keep up to date via our blogs and look out for the dedicated public engagement initiatives that will form part of each project. Alternatively, tweet us with your comments, love to hear your thoughts and impressions.