Networking Events and Media Contacts in Jersey

There are several ways to promote your business locally, either with Digital Jersey, local media, or the most popular tech and entrepreneurship networking events.



Networking Events

Networking Events in Jersey

Jersey is a great place to organically build business relationships which is fundamental for any start-ups. Tech and digital entrepreneurs have a chance to easily meet like-minded individuals, be introduced to the right people, at the right time and increase collaboration opportunities. Professional networking groups regularly organise meet-ups for tech entrepreneurs and business leaders based in the island. Please find below examples of networking events.

In the Tech/Digital community:

In the Entrepreneurship community:

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Media contacts in Jersey

Sending out press releases is another great way to get some free business promotion in Jersey. Every time your start-up does something newsworthy and can be engaging enough to get people’s interest, sending a press release to local media can be a great promotion tool. Digital Jersey has put together a list of media contacts that are based in Jersey to make it easier for you to promote your business with local media.

TV Channels:



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