2023 Annual Review Highlights

The Digital Jersey Annual Review took place on 10th February, 2023 at Cineworld, St Helier. If you weren’t able to join the capacity event, here’s a summary of the main highlights:

Digital Jersey Map
Digital Jersey Map
Digital Jersey Map
Digital Jersey Map
Digital Jersey Map
Digital Jersey Map

Digital Jersey CEO, Tony Moretta introduced the event before Economic Development Minister, Deputy Kirsten Morel spoke to guests. A short video showcased some of the highlights of 2022, including the SMART Fields project, working to help Jersey’s potato growers, improve their quality and yields through technology.

Where We're Going

Opening Remarks From Tony

Tony’s opening remarks for the event highlighted what was achieved in 2022 and provided an insight into what’s to come in 2023. He touched upon the success of Digital Jersey courses and events, gave a short recap on the Tech Start-up Bootcamp and detailed the progress of the Tech Accelerator programme.

Opportunities for Jersey

Nathan Elstub, Exec Chair of Nesta Investment Committee, in conversation with Dame Wendy Hall, DJ non exec director, and Regus Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton. Mr Elstub warned of Jersey’s concentrated economy being too dependent on the financial sector and our ageing demographic – but also detailed the phenomenal opportunities available to Jersey.

Introducing Impact Canada

Julie Greene from Impact Canada, shared the lessons they learned when building the Impact Canada initiative. She highlighted the importance of having a problem first, not innovation first approach; and described how Jersey was perfectly placed to use the close relationships between ministers, departments, solvers, and intermediaries to create a real impact.

H.E. Mr Viljar Lubi interview with Jess Dunsdon

Local news presenter, Jess Dunsdon interviewed the Estonian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, H.E. Mr Viljar Lubi. Mr Lubi shared details on how the Estonian government digitised 99% of their services and compared his country with Jersey, saying that both jurisdictions did not have an internal market and needed to look at exporting. Mr Lubi also urged Jersey’s government not to overthink and be worried about failure.

Data Trust Update


Jersey’s first Data Trust has been launched, the pilot scheme, possibly the first of its kind in the world, will see 500 island cyclists given bike light sensors that will gather data which can be used to improve road safety and infrastructure. The data trust utilises Jersey’s existing regulated trust structures to treat data as an asset and enable it to be stored, shared, and monetised. It is hoped data trusts will provide a new lucrative product/service offering for Jersey’s financial services industry.


Project Updates

Catch up on the launch of our Tech Start-up Bootcamp.

An update from the Smart Fields project featured at the 2022 Annual Review event.

Operational Plan 2023

Find out more about Digital Jersey’s 2023 priorities below.