A Digital Jersey Podcast - Back to Business

Listen to our exclusive podcast ‘Back to Business’ with Ben Symonds and Matt Chatterley on their experiences during the pandemic, lessons learnt and helpful tips going forward.

In this episode, our host Gwyn Garfield-Bennet speaks ‘back to business’, including the challenges and success stories throughout the pandemic and their experiences in adoption of technology, remote working and contingency planning.

Ben Symonds, CEO and Founder at The Summit, speaks about the transition to Teams and the benefits of working remotely with his clients in this way. Matt Chatterley, CEO and Founder at Codentia speaks about the development of Trax and the reasons he started it.

The Digital Jersey Podcast is a bi-monthly recording on technology in Jersey in collaboration with the Digital Leadership Programme. We hope you enjoy listening and make sure to tune into the next episode which is due out in January.

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