Navigating the World of Online Payments in Jersey

Understanding the Jersey Payment Landscape

In Jersey’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, payment gateways and payment processors are important aspects of connectivity across all industries and sectors. Jersey’s unique challenges in payment infrastructure necessitate a strategic approach when selecting the right provider, a decision crucial for business success, especially for the e-commerce and retail providers.  

This guide provides an accurate landscape of payment processors that operate in Jersey, as always – appropriate due diligence is required and careful consideration on fees relating to service, transactions and volume. 


Key Considerations When Choosing Payment Gateways and Processors in Jersey

Selecting a payment gateway and processing partner in Jersey is more than basic considerations like transaction fees or user interfaces. It demands a comprehensive evaluation of several critical factors:


Regional Connectivity 

The most important consideration when selecting a payment gateway or processing partner is whether they operate in Jersey – often providers don’t capture Jersey within their UK service offering, or deem Jersey as an offshore finance centre, resulting in a lack of service delivery, or integrations with common marketplaces.

Transaction Fees and Pricing Structures 

A clear understanding of the fee structure is vital. This includes not just the cost but the nature of these fees – be it per transaction, monthly, or other models, many providers are based on volume, meaning small volumes might become costly to you. Ensuring you are comfortable with the fees is key. 

Security Measures 

In today’s digital era, robust security protocols are non-negotiable, it’s crucial to understand the payment gateway or processing partner‘s compliance with security accreditations and insure they align with your terms and agreements with your customers, and their expectations. For example ensuring your payment gateway or processing partner complies with PCI security standards would be a key consideration.  

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment 

Given the global concern over small-scale financial crimes, payment gateway or processing partners must adhere to local and international AML/CFT regulations and standards, this includes transaction monitoring and fraud prevention services, often included as standard within the service delivery.  

Integration Capabilities 

Seamless integration with existing business systems can significantly enhance efficiency, saving development and maintenance time, having transparency over the providers roadmap, upcoming development milestones and product partners is another key consideration.  

Customer Support 

Reliable customer support is critical when mitigating business disruptions, ensuring the availability of dedicated support and ticketing systems is important as in many scenarios, you will be busy managing your online retailer, stock management and partnerships – the last thing you need to worry about is customer complaints relating to your payments. 


A Look at Payment Gateways and Processors Operating in Jersey

citypay logo  


Jersey, Channel Islands 



A leader in card payment solutions, CityPay offers diverse payment solutions including contactless, Chip & Pin, MoTo, IVR, integrated BPS (Bill Payment Services), mobile payments and e-commerce gateway solutions.

Accredited as a Payment Service Provider (PSP), PayFac licensed since 1999, an Independent Sales Organisations (ISO), Schedule 2 regulated business, Certified by Visa, Mastercard and American Express Credit Card Schemes. CityPay are also sponsored and partnered with major UK and European financial institutions and are well established across local and international retail, medical, financial services, government, councils, utilities, and e-commerce clients.



Jersey, Channel Island



CheckOut is a small but dedicated Team of professionals. Their aim, to supply EPoS Systems that run your business & free up your time to manage it the way you want.

Along side this, CheckOut offer a variety of web related and payment services as well as networking and WIFI technologies which they not only install but maintain.

emerchant pay logo


United Kingdom, Europe (Headquarters)



emerchantpay is a leading global payment service provider (PSP) and acquirer for online, mobile, in-store and over the phone payments. We work with businesses of various sizes and across different industries to create bespoke solutions and strategies that enable them to increase their payment systems’ efficiency and profitability. Our payment solutions facilitate frictionless transactions for merchants and consumers alike, across our extensive worldwide network. Through a simple integration, emerchantpay offers merchants a diverse range of features, including global acquiring, global and local payment methods, advanced fraud management and performance optimisation. With cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, we empower businesses to design seamless and engaging payment experiences for their consumers. 

fondy logo 


United Kingdom, Europe. 



Specialising in cross-border payment solutions, Fondy’s online digital payment platform is a boon for e-commerce, simplifying local and international payments and payouts. 

mollie logo 


European Union, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa 



Focused on payment application development, Mollie offers diverse payment methods and a user-friendly platform for managing transactions from any device. 

opayo logo 


United Kingdom, Ireland  



Opayo, known for online and face-to-face payments, provides online invoicing, virtual terminals, and telephone payment options. They offer a range of services including merchant services and fraud prevention. 

payment sense logo 


United Kingdom  



Catering to over 70,000 UK businesses, Paymentsense offers versatile card processing solutions for in-store, online, phone, and mobile payments. 

ixopay logo 





A payment orchestration platform, IXOPAY offers a scalable SaaS solution supporting transaction lifecycles, risk checks, and payment data consolidation, ideal for large merchants and PSPs. 






A PayPal subsidiary, Braintree provides comprehensive payment solutions including commerce tools, fraud tools, data security, and PCI compliance. logo 


London, United Kingdom  



This platform focuses on simplicity, offering a user-friendly interface and straightforward integration for businesses of all sizes to accept various payment methods. 

mangopay logo  


Luxembourg, Europe   



Specialising in online payment solutions for marketplaces and fintech services, Mangopay features multi-currency handling and automated pay-outs. 

paypal logo 





A leader in digital payments, PayPal’s suite includes a range of solutions facilitating mobile, in-app, and online payments globally. 

stripe logo  


Stripe, a leading online payment processing platform, currently does not offer services directly in Jersey and the wider Channel Islands. The primary reasons for this are the relatively low transaction volumes from these regions, which do not align with Stripe’s operational and business models. Furthermore, the unique legal, risk, and compliance requirements associated with operating in these jurisdictions demand an enhanced level of resource allocation that Stripe has opted not to undertake at this time. 


However, many local businesses in Jersey have found a workaround by leveraging Stripe’s services through online marketplaces. They achieve this by registering a company in the UK and managing their supplier relationships through this entity.  


While this method enables them to utilise Stripe’s services, it is important to note that it might dilute the tax and incorporation benefits associated with operating solely through a Jersey-based company. Businesses considering this route should seek legal advice to understand the implications fully. 


The above guide showcases the number of payment gateway and processors operating in Jersey, all of whom are well respected and deliver a level of compliance and security assurance that is recommended when selecting the right payment partner.  

Careful consideration relating to user experience, user interface, customer journey, integration and reporting are essential, as some providers will excel on marketplaces, others will lead on mobile devices and other may be more aligned for corporate entities.  


Need additional guidance? 

If you’re still unsure, need to discuss your requirements in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact Digital Jersey’s FinTech Lead [email protected]