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Relocate your Business to Jersey

Working with our partners at Locate Jersey, Digital Jersey will support and endorse digital businesses applying for the necessary licensing permission to operate in Jersey.

Contact Digital Jersey

Contact Digital Jersey who will bring you up to speed with the local Digital Sector and the support available to relocating businesses.

Seek professional advice

In any relocation, it is important to take third party professional advice, with regards to legal and tax matters.

Complete and submit business plan

Your application will be judged based on innovation, market, job creation & training and scalability

Evaluation and feedback

Where applicable, Digital Jersey will provide feedback on the business plan, supporting in positioning its content to the needs of the Population Office.

Sole trader/Partnership or Limited Liability

To register as a Sole Trader/Partnerships complete the Business Licence Application Form (NB 01 V1).

To register as a Limited Liability company, complete the Business Licence Application Form (CHWL 01). Companies can engage a company service provider to incorporate your business with the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Population office population form submitted

Locate Jersey will submit your Business Licence Application Form to the Population Office, with endorsement from Digital Jersey

Guidance for applicants

Please note that the Digital Jersey team will use their policy and industry knowledge to establish whether you meet the necessary criteria to be endorsed by Digital Jersey. Please contact Locate Jersey if you are an established non-digital business, find out more on



Working with Locate Jersey, Digital Jersey will support and endorse Digital Businesses applying for the necessary licensing permissions to operate in Jersey. Any ‘Digital’ business is eligible for our support; however, endorsement will rest on the operational plans of the company’s Jersey presence.

Note that only digital businesses are eligible for support, subject to a review of the company meeting the criteria’s outlined in this document.


As digital companies are currently not liable to pay corporation tax, Digital Jersey considers the value added which the business would contribute locally. Our evaluation criteria are outlined below:


Digital Jersey is looking for cutting-edge business model that seize an opportunity and accelerate the development of a new market or industry through digital innovations. Applications are evaluated in terms of their level of innovation and introduction of new products, services or processes within their field.


When evaluating the attractiveness of the relevant market, Digital Jersey will focus on market size, commercial potentials and barriers to entry. Additionally, Digital Jersey will evaluate the level of competition in the market and how applicant plans to enter and differentiate themselves in the market.

Job creation and training

Digital Jersey supports businesses with clear plans to create local employment opportunities, be they through outsourced work, such as IT, legal, marketing, accountancy and HR, or in-house recruitment. Particular support is given to companies seeking to create local employment and training opportunities in technical occupations, such as software development, digital marketing etc.


Digital Jersey supports businesses with clear potential to create jobs and growth in Jersey. For this reason, Digital Jersey values scalability. Hence, it should be demonstrated that the business model is built to scale up, that it is highly expandable, and that it represents a significant growth potential.

Our integrated island testbed

The opportunity to develop, test, and launch new innovative products, without the high cost and complex legal, government and regulatory barriers faced in other cities or markets such as London.

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