Soulgenic App

Soulgenic is positioning itself at the heart of the digital health and ehealth revolution, with the creation of a digital platform to help people improve their own health and wellbeing.

The Soulgenic solution

Recent research suggests that wellbeing apps are overwhelmingly more popular than any other app type currently on the market, states Soulgenic founder and CEO, Glenda Rivoallan. The Soulgenic app aims to be the first fully-integrated app focused on all four pillars of wellness – fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and general health – undertaking the responsibility of joining tech with wellbeing to meet the modern, digital needs of the masses.

Connecting people

Digital Jersey worked closely with Glenda to connect her passion and expertise in the world of wellbeing, with a network of people in Jersey who know tech and believe in her vision. She describes her experience with Digital Jersey as a positive and productive one, saying,  “I went from one desk at Digital Jersey where I received a huge amount of support and encouragement from the staff to a working health club which is also our head office. I don’t think you can really put a price on that.”

Connecting and networking with other industry experts is invaluable. Digital Jersey has certainly helped Soulgenic make these connections as Glenda continues to explain, “what the team at Soulgenic bring to the table is that we understand well-being, but we don’t understand tech, so when we brought digital experts like Web Reality into the mix, we are now a fully fledged partner in the business with a joint venture partnership.”

The Sandbox Jersey solution

Developing Soulgenic in Jersey means the island acts as an environment to play with the product and receive fast feedback before rolling it out to a wider audience. It’s about managing risk, about developing fully fledged partnerships with technology specialists, and about getting a product to market with the knowledge that the complete suite of digital expertise is with you every step of the way.