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TSG - MediBooks

TSG’s journey into medtech innovation began a decade ago, when they designed a piece of software that would manage the income of a GP practice in the Island. Thanks to the unique connectivity and sandbox environment in Jersey, that software is now a global export product.

TSG and Sandbox Jersey

Digital innovation works best when it has a clear problem to solve and that’s exactly how MediBooks came into being. Working with a single doctor’s surgery in Jersey, TSG developed a billing solution that they were able to scale within the Island using its uniquely inter-linked infrastructure. Government, Health sector and Digital industry work closely with regulators within a complete microcosm society serviced by world class telecoms connectivity. That meant TSG were able to test, develop and scale their product within Jersey before turning it into a sought-after export.

Find out more about how TSG grew MediBooks into a valuable tool for doctors and the UK’s NHS, with TSG CEO, Andy Delaney.

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