Why Jersey is hosting the world’s first jurisdiction-wide air quality monitoring network

AirSensa and Sandbox Jersey

UK company, AirSensa, which specialises in the collection and analysis of environmental data, has the ambitious plan to create the world’s first jurisdiction-wide environmental monitoring network. When they saw the Sandbox proposition available in Jersey, they knew they’d found the right location.

Jonathan Steel, CEO, AirSensa


Using IoT to understand and combat air pollution

Air quality matters to us all, we know the impact that it has on health as well as economic performance, and the importance of having the right data to make informed decisions on transport policy and other environmental issues. AirSensa wanted to construct a mesh of sensors to gain a real-time picture of an entire jurisdiction’s environmental landscape.


Jersey, the ideal IoT Sandbox

They contacted Digital Jersey and were introduced to the Government of Jersey’s Jersey Growth Housing and Environment team. Together they created a plan that utilised the world-leading wireless and fixed network infrastructures, including the dedicated IoT and data lab facility in the Island.

This data will not only be used to inform policy decisions on island, but will be available for other companies to use through Jersey’s digital twin.