RaceNation, a sport technology company, plugged straight into Digital Jersey’s expertise and its Sandbox Jersey testbed proposition to test, scale and grow their sports event and fundraising technology, and attract early-stage investment.

Why did RaceNation Choose Jersey?

Will Golder, Director of RaceNation, considers Sandbox Jersey the ideal way to test new features and innovate in a way that allows speedy decision-making and changes of direction in a closed, testbed environment. Will stated, “we want to challenge the norm to strive for success as it allows us to do something different.”

Digital Jersey supported Will and RaceNation, offering guidance and support, and connecting them to a powerful network of digitally-minded people who wanted to help.

Key access to private investors and local contacts

Will credits part of the success of the development of the platform at RaceNation to one of the key offerings of Sandbox Jersey, which is access to early stage investors. He says, “local contacts were one of the key aspects again of being in Jersey. Not only with Sandbox Jersey can we introduce and release new features and products into the island, but also, Jersey gave us access to private investors which initially were fundamental in our progress.”

The Sandbox Jersey testbed proposition

As businesses large and small, as well as other entrepreneurs, wake up to the benefits of working in a testbed environment, the Sandbox Jersey proposition gives you access to a defined whole-island location, world-class infrastructure, and the team at Digital Jersey who are on hand to connect the right people at the right time so your ideas can become reality.