Virtex Studios

Jersey, the ideal VR and AR testbed

If you’re building a virtual reality or augmented reality businesses, connectivity is key. Virtex Studios have been making the most of Jersey’s world-class fibre infrastructure and 4G mobile networks to create digital products across a range of industries. Tim McGuinness, the founder of Virtex Studios, tells us how his island home has been key to his success.


My passion for technology and curiosity about its possibilities began when I was at school, but within a few short years since leaving I’ve been able to turn it all into a business that went from a virtual idea to reality with support from Digital Jersey.


Virtex Studios

From start-up to success

My business partner and I were the winning entrepreneurs in a competition organised by Digital Jersey with NatWest International, which means I’ve had a real hands-on introduction to the ways they can help people go from start-up to success.

What started as a concept focused on entertainment and experiences for individuals, companies and schools has grown into one that harnesses the possibilities VR and AR offers for a range of industries from architecture to project management. It’s a way of problem solving in a digital world before concepts are rolled out in a physical environment.


Start-up support in a collaborative environment

The guidance and expertise offered by Digital Jersey, and the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment at The Hub, means we get to meet new people and develop new professional relationships in a way we hadn’t experienced beforehand.

We’ve collaborated with Jersey Heritage, supported Autism Jersey, and worked on a new project that blends the creative arts with virtual reality.

All of this relies on powerful infrastructure, which is why the island’s fibre network and 4G mobile networks are an essential component in all we do.


Eagle Labs - Virtex Studios


The Sandbox Jersey testbed proposition

As businesses large and small, as well as other entrepreneurs, wake up to the benefits of working in a testbed environment, the Sandbox Jersey proposition gives you access to a defined whole-island location, world-class infrastructure, and the team at Digital Jersey who are on hand to connect the right people at the right time so your ideas can become reality.


Big things can happen in a small island

Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey, said: “Tim is a shining example of somebody turning their passion into a successful career and business concept, making the most of all Jersey has to offer those working in the tech sector. And what they’re creating here is now being showcased around the world – another example of the big things that can happen in a small island.”