Hubbell Ventures

Heather-Anne and John Hubbell do business around the world, but relocating to Jersey reminded them of life in Toronto in the 1970s and 1980s which they attribute to the island’s relaxed approach to getting things done.

Relocating to Jersey

Digital Jersey worked closely with the Hubbells to support them every step of the way in the relocation process, and connected them to people across the business community.

Heather-Anne describes how “incredible” Digital Jersey was in helping them with moving their business, Hubbell Ventures Limited, to Jersey. She says, “they have been completely instrumental in helping us to arrive here, supporting the idea, connecting us with other interested people in the FinTech space, and completely helping support our application to come to Jersey, and build our business. And every time we’ve had a question they’ve been able to give us an answer, or direct us to somebody who can give us an answer.”

Making the difference

There are some selling points for the Hubbells that make all the difference in the way they can do business here in Jersey as opposed to other locations. “It’s friendlier and easier in Jersey than in the UK and elsewhere,” John tells us. That makes their work in Jersey’s FinTech and health-tech sectors a more enjoyable experience.

Heather-Anne explains, “I don’t need a three-hour commute, we have meetings in a much more relaxed environment, and that’s what I like most about Jersey. I work at the same pace as before, but I have much more fun doing it.”

Dedicated support

By working together, both Digital Jersey and Locate Jersey are able to provide dedicated relocation support, including providing networking opportunities with local investors which is absolutely vital when starting a business, or moving a business, to a completely new location.

The Hubbells’ credit Digital Jersey for this support and are thankful for the crucial networking available which has furthered their impressive standing in the FinTech and health-tech markets after basing themselves in Jersey.