Target Internet

When Target Internet relocated to Jersey, Daniel and Susana Rowles immediately fell in love with the island.

Choosing Jersey

Daniel highlights the advantages of living and growing your business in Jersey. He says, “there’s a much stronger attitude to connections and networking in Jersey, and there are always events on so you’re never isolated, and most global businesses have a presence here.” Digital Jersey worked closely with the Rowles to ensure relocating to Jersey was a simple and painless process.

What’s on offer for your business

Since Target Internet is an online digital marketing business it was absolutely essential for both Daniel and Susana to be well connected online with fast broadband, and also to be well connected with London. They’ve found it “oddly cheaper and easier” to get to London from Jersey than it was for them to get to London from Brighton. Their online and e-learning platform makes the most of Jersey’s full-fibre, super fast broadband network, now rated among the fastest download speeds in the world, ahead of the UK, US and Japan.

Digital Jersey supported Target Internet to scale up quickly, and doing business in the UK was easy thanks to Jersey’s regular and reliable air links to London and beyond.

Work-life balance

Daniel paints a picture of how Jersey has been able to offer an amazing environment to grow his business as well as being a great place to raise a family. He says, “you’ve got a city, the countryside, beaches you’ve got everything in such close proximity. It seems like the best of both worlds really.” In fact, he loves Jersey so much that he “can’t see any reason to leave.”

More reasons to relocate

There are numerous reasons to relocate your business to Jersey with one being that Digital Jersey, through our partnership with Locate Jersey, can help you every step of the way. In addition to the advantages of an excellent work-life balance and seamless connectivity, you can also benefit from a favourable tax structure as well as a safe and secure environment.