Digital Health

Jersey is an attractive location to experiment and develop new health technologies. The Island’s strengths are increasingly being harnessed by a growing community of digital & health professionals endeavouring to develop new capabilities, technologies and jobs.


Digital Health Overview

The Island’s growing Digital Health sector comes from local interest in solutions to the global challenges of an ageing western demographic and its accompanying medical conditions. The sector’s growth is aided by the Island’s strengths including an integrated health and social care service, a co-payment system that enables outcome (behavioural & revenue) experimentation and local autonomy to experiment with new technologies.  



Due to the nature of Digital Health emergence as an innovative and disruptive industry, it is important to test medical applications in settings easily scalable to a global market place.  Jersey offers an efficient platform from which to study and address medical challenges, particularly the challenges of an ageing demographic through technology such as Internet of Things applications.

Recently, the industry has benefited from synergies with the fintech sector, for example, by harnessing local skills and expertise to develop applications which improve the efficiency of administering patient records. Local firms have also had success in developing health products on Island for export abroad. This has been buoyed by a Digital Health research programme funded by grants from trusts and individuals. Another factor contributing to the sub-sector is the advent of a new hospital which will provide a unique opportunity for the Island to develop a state-of-the-art facility incorporating the latest technology and a showcase for innovative, contemporary patient care.

This groundswell of activity in the Digital Health sector is materialising into a multitude of projects helping to drive industry growth.  Digital Jersey and its partners are actively trying to develop relationships with technology providers including Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Samsung, and medical leaders such as the NHS, HSCiC, Digital Health Oxford, EMIS Health, The Royal College of Nursing and the Nursing Midwifery Council.


Our Involvement 

Digital Jersey works closely with industry to shine a spotlight on sector strengths, uncovering and bringing together pockets of activity under one umbrella. This work extends to hosting events and working groups around key areas of opportunity in order to encourage idea generation, innovation and sharing of leads and contacts.

These broader objectives are complemented by Digital Jersey’s re-energised approach to fostering international collaboration by supporting local businesses to showcase abroad, while also proactively attracting and engaging with inward investors.  


Businesses looking to develop their Digital Health proposition in Jersey will benefit from:

  • Support from Digital Jersey and Locate Jersey
  • An ideal testbed environment with typically western demographics and medical conditions
  • Access to low cost and flexible co-working space in The Digital Hub from which to collaborate and as a platform in which to grow. To find out more go to
  • A local self-contained medical system, boasting plans to build a “future hospital”.


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