Digital Health and eHealth

Jersey is an attractive location to experiment and develop new digital health technologies. The Island’s strengths are increasingly being harnessed by a growing community of digital & health professionals endeavouring to develop new capabilities, technologies and jobs.

An interest in solutions to the global challenges of an ageing western demographic, and accompanying medical conditions, has thus far driven the growth of Jersey’s digital health sector. This growth is aided by the Island’s particular strengths which include an integrated health and social care service, a co-payment system that enables outcome (behavioural and revenue) experimentation and the autonomy to experiment with new technologies.



The Island of Jersey is the perfect environment for health innovation. The Island provides an efficient platform from which to study and address medical challenges and offers the opportunity to test medical applications in settings easily scalable to a global market place and also to test technology such as Internet of Things applications; potentially supported by a Digital Health research programme funded by grants from trusts and individuals.

Digital Jersey and its partners are actively developing relationships with technology providers including Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Samsung, and medical leaders such as the NHS, HSCiC, Digital Health Oxford, EMIS Health, The Royal College of Nursing and the Nursing Midwifery Council.

The current development of a new hospital will provide a unique opportunity for the Island to develop a state-of-the-art facility incorporating the latest technology and a showcase for innovative, contemporary patient care.



Businesses looking to develop their Digital Health proposition in Jersey will benefit from:


from Digital Jersey and Locate Jersey

An ideal testbed environment

with typically western demographics and medical conditions

Access to a low-cost and flexible co-working space

in The Digital Hub from which to collaborate and use as a platform in which to grow

A local self-contained medical system

with plans to build a “future hospital”

Our Involvement

We aim to develop and deliver a world-class connected healthcare model, providing a roadmap for nurturing and integrating on-island digital health start-ups, and encouraging off-island businesses to use Jersey as a testbed for innovative new products.

Recently, the digital health industry has benefited from synergies with the Fintech sector, for example, by harnessing local skills and expertise to develop applications which improve the efficiency of administering patient records.

Local firms have also had success in developing health products on-island for export abroad.

Our integrated island testbed

The opportunity to develop, test, and launch new innovative products, without the high cost and complex legal, government and regulatory barriers faced in other cities or markets such as London.

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