Register a .je domain name

Do you run a Jersey business or non-profit organisation and would you like to know more about setting up and registering a .je domain name website?

The benefits of using a .je domain name

If you are a local company targeting the global market, a .com domain name is the most appropriate. However, if your clients are based in Jersey, having a .je domain name has many benefits, such as:

  • Islanders will recognise your business is locally based, therefore it’s the perfect way to quickly demonstrate your local connection.
  • A large choice of domain names: appropriate, good & short names are easy to find.
  • Search engines will associate you with Jersey: so having a .je domain name is more relevant for Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Local registrars and the registry are based in the Islands resulting in you dealing with real people who live in the Channel Islands and not a potential call centre representative from the other side of the world.
Our partners

Digital Jersey is working closely with CHANNELISLES.NET to make .je domain names more accessible to Jersey businesses. For more than 20 years has been operating the top level domain of .je and provides services to registrants, registrars, registries and other customers throughout the world.

Next Step: If you want to register a new domain name, you can either search for a registrar on or contact any of our below partners who will assist you with this process. Please note that a is for associations and charities only.

.JE : £25/year

.CO.JE or .NET.JE :£25/year

.EDU.JE :£25/year


.JE : FREE for the first year, then £25/year

.CO.JE or .NET.JE : FREE for the first year, then £15/year

.EDU.JE : £25/year


.JE : FREE for the first year, then £25/year

.CO.JE or .NET.JE : FREE for the first year, then £25/year

.EDU.JE : £25/year


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