Government GIS data:
A powerful tool for Startup success


  • Enhanced analytics
  • Improved market research
  • More efficient operations
  • Enhanced product development
  • Better customer service

Jersey’s government and Digital Jersey have introduced the Startup Licensing Scheme for GIS Data, offering valuable insights for startups to make better business decisions – whether that’s identifying target markets or optimising routes – streamline operations, and boost efficiency.

We strongly recommend startups complete this simple application to the GIS Data Startup Licensing Scheme, to gain from the significant benefits of accessing the data.

The data available under this license represents the most comprehensive, current and accurate database of geospatial information for Jersey and is not available from any other source.

What Government GIS information is available?

Some of the dataset available include:  

  • Roads: Polygons depicting the extents of the Islands roads with unique and the official road name. 
  • Buildings: Island-building polygons, fully attributed and classified by type. 
  • Parish boundaries: High Water polygon data set of the Island Parishes and Vingtaines. 
  • Land Parcels: Polygons depicting the inferred extents of individual land parcels. The data is fully attributed with unique identifiers, address details and other geometric data. 
  • Contours: 5m contours for the Islands. 
  • Coastal Classification: Polygon layer detailing the coastline from high to low water. The layer is fully attributed to depict areas of sand, rock, cliff and pebbles etc. 
  • Streams and Water Features:  Including culverts, ponds and quarries). 
  • Ortho-photographs: This fully Orthorectified image dataset of Jersey are supplied at a ground resolution of 10cm. Derived from hundreds of aerial photographs, this data set provides a seamless and accurate full colour photographic overlay to the core mapping data sets. Aerial photography was taken on the following dates. 
  • Historic Maps: Geo-referenced paper maps .
  • LiDAR Model: Full LiDAR 3D model of the island from 2019 or 2021.
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How to Apply

To qualify as a startup under this scheme, companies must satisfy the following criteria:

  • fewer than 3 years since incorporation;
  • fewer than 20 employees;
  • under £2m revenue in the previous 12 months of trading.

If you are eligible according to the above criteria, and are interested in accessing Government GIS data, please complete the form below. We will then evaluate your proposal to ensure that the applications:

i) make significant use of the GIS data;

ii) have the potential to contribute to the digital economy of Jersey;

iii) are considered by the assessment panel to be most attractive when compared with other applicants.

The detailed process can be found below:  

  1. Complete application in the form below.  
  2. Application to be reviewed by approval team 
  3. Application to be approved 
  4. Meeting to arrange process specific to each startup including (but not limited to): Specific data assets required; Timeframe for the licence; Licence mechanisms.
  5. Licence agreement signed by both parties.
  6. Data connection provided (e.g. Secure API).
  7. Upon licence agreement period expiring, the license will be revoked.

Although this is a rolling programme with no set deadline for applications. Only a limited number of licenses will be granted at any one time.