Internet of Things (IoT)



Jersey is a ‘walled garden’ of 100,000 relatively affluent, connected citizens, which offers a well-proportioned testbed to develop new products, solutions and services in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.



There is opportunity for a wide variety of enterprises to test small-scale applications in different ways to develop business cases for wider implementation. Jersey is particularly well positioned as a testbed for IoT applications given the island’s exceptionally high rate of smartphone ownership (118 subscribers per 100 inhabitants) in addition to leading-edge gigabit speeds.


Businesses looking to use Jersey as a testbed for IoT solutions will benefit from:

  • The jurisdiction’s typical western demographics
  • Gigabit Island; a highly developed network with rapid connectivity
  • Access to award winning Tier 1 carrier (mobile and fixed) infrastructure to enable easy testing, research, and development of products
  • Jersey’s digitally enabled population
  • Jersey’s critical infrastructure on a micro scale
  • Easy access to key infrastructure stakeholders, regulators and industry and government


Our involvement


At Digital Jersey, we are working both to promote the island’s existing strengths in IoT technology and to foster new and innovative products and services. We do this with the support of government through:


  • The IoT/infrastructure group, which brings together representatives from a cross-section of utilities, Department for Infrastructure and tech companies, to look at how Jersey can develop its capabilities in IoT and work towards being a ‘smarter’ island
  • Developing the technical infrastructure in order to create fertile ground for innovation and investment
  • The Smarter Island Strategy, which is in development and will set out a suitable blueprint for the future of Jersey’s IoT adoption
  • Support for organisations looking to use Jersey as a testbed. We are proactive in connecting businesses with investors and provide support to companies applying for funding support
  • Engagement with off-island companies interested in using Jersey as a testbed, including major global brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung & Cisco
  • Developing partnerships with off-island organisations such as Digital Catapult and IoT UK in order to encourage knowledge transfer 

Case Studies

from the Digital Jersey Community