TechAwards Terms and Conditions


Entrants are welcome to self-nominate, and there is no penalty for nominating oneself rather than being nominated by someone. All entries require independent testimonials regardless of who submits the entry.

There can only be one entry per category and one entry per category per organisation.

Entry deadline: 

The deadline for all award entrants (except Technology Student and Technology Teacher of the Year awards) is midnight on Friday 24th September.

The deadline for Technology Student and Technology Teacher of the Year awards is Thursday 4th October 2018.


Entrants for people and company-oriented awards must be Jersey based or have a significant presence in Jersey with a reasonable degree of autonomy. Project awards must relate to projects that are led from Jersey or have a significant degree of autonomy in the Jersey component.

Conflict of interest

If a judge has a conflict of interest with any entry, he or she will not judge that entry; the other judges’ scores will be scaled proportionally to a representative result.
The sponsor of an award is eligible to enter that award; the judges are impartial and independent, and the financial input will in no way affect the result.

Judges’ decisions

The judges’ decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.