Channel PC

At Channel Property Consultants and our sister company Channel JEPA, we lead the transformation of Jersey’s construction, surveying, and property consultancy sectors. Specialising in both commercial and residential spaces, we provide comprehensive services to elevate your property aspirations. From bespoke office fit-outs and building surveys to expert dilapidation management and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC/JEPA’s).

Our innovative use of drone technology and Matterport 3D scanning revolutionises traditional methods, enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Drones allow for streamlined roof surveys, significantly reducing risks and costs, whilst Matterport technology delivers detailed 3D models for virtual planning and showcasing. This sets new benchmarks in project management and surveying, ensuring our position as a beacon of innovation in the property sector.

Whether you’re looking to revitalise your workspace or ensure your property is in prime condition, Channel Property Consultants offer expert guidance and innovative solutions.

Contact us today we are happy to share some advice over a coffee.