Ox Galton Partners

Ox Galton Partners (OGP) was founded in Jersey in 2021 by Frank Fehle and is involved in the production of quantitative trading signals and research for global equity markets. The OGP management team have a long pedigree in quant trading, with over three decades of cross-asset experience from best-in-class hedge funds and proprietary trading desks.

The name Ox Galton derives from a famous statistical experiment in 1907 by scientist and polymath Sir Francis Galton. Galton attended a farmer’s fair and was intrigued by a weight guessing contest for a prize Ox. Over 800 people entered the contest and while none of them guessed exactly the correct weight, when Galton ran statistical analysis on the results, he found that the average guess was almost the exact weight of the Ox. This led to the concept of “Wisdom of Crowds” which inspires Ox Galton’s research philosophy of leveraging and combining numerous data inputs, trading signals, and expert views.

Technology, science, and mathematics intersect at OGP to give us the edge we need in order to derive alpha and forecast returns in equity markets. We use cutting edge technologies in cloud computing, high-performance computing, and big data to engage in research projects that provide a trading edge in today’s ever competitive and increasingly computer driven markets.

OGP is currently in an exclusive multi-year agreement with a large well-known hedge fund to provide its research and consulting services.