Blockchain Basics

An engaging two-hour workshop sharing with non-techies who would like to learn how blockchain works in a hands-on, business-focused, practical way.

  • 31st July 2018
    3:00pm - 5:00pm


8 Hill Street Executive Offices

Ever wanted to know what Blockchain is and how it works in the context of business operation? As part of the Blockchain series, we have partnered with Blockchain Simulation, a global expert in Blockchain to deliver an interactive two-hour workshop, especially for non-techies. Through learning the mechanics of Blockchain by playing a paper-based role play game, the benefits of the technology suddenly become very clear. At the workshop, you’ll also receive a special offer for our interactive eLearning course. This will give you the opportunity to build on, and deepen, your knowledge about this technology and how to apply it to your organisation’s processes.

– People interested in learning how Blockchain actually works, through interactive game-play.
– Those who are totally new to the technology with NO technical knowledge or experience who want a practical, interactive explanation about Blockchain.
– Anyone who is already up to speed on the high-level concepts of Blockchain, but wants to see how it actually works.
– Those looking for inspiration on how Blockchain might work for them.

– How Blockchain actually works.
– How to confidently communicate the impact of Blockchain to colleagues.
– How privacy and confidentiality are addressed in the Blockchain.
– How to practically apply the concepts to your own business challenge.

Gui Vohringer helps organisations reshape how they deliver value to their customers in an ever-changing digital world and guide them in their transformation to become more client-focused, use innovation to drive their growth, and prepare them to take the digital lead. He has 10+ years of experience as a strategic adviser, business transformation consultant and innovator in the financial services industry. He uses his skill as a master communicator to bridge the knowledge gap between technology and business and create a common understanding that fuels innovation.

George Pedra is a creative, dynamic and adaptable technology and operations leader with a proven track record of results. His career has been focused on the global banking sector, financial and professional services firms. With his 25+ years of experience in financial services, he brings together his deep knowledge of business operations with his keen understanding of technology to deliver a no-nonsense and practical approach to business transformation.

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