Data Subject Access Requests

Subject Access Requests will cost your organisation a lot if you get it wrong, this course will give you the knowledge to get them right.

  • 24th May 2021
    9:00am - 5:00pm

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)are fast becoming common place in organisations and can take massive resources to handle them and massive cost. Organisations need people who understand DSAR’s and how to deal with them. They need to understand what exemptions there are and how to apply them, and mor importantly how to respond to them, if indeed you need to.

This course covers a lot of information about DSAR’s and you will take away a lot of knowledge, tools and templates to help you and your organisation deal with this very difficult area of data protection.

The course covers:

• The key GDPR principles of Subject Access

• The legislative framework

• Key court cases affecting DSARs

• What is a reasonable search for data

• What is Personal Data?

• Filing systems

• Manual Filing systems

• Exemptions – when to use them

• Refusing a DSAR

• Meaning of – Manifestly unfounded, excessive and reasonable period

• What to do if we refuse a DSAR

• What Rights are affected by exemptions

• Why we have exemptions

• When we can use exemptions

• What exemptions are there

• When using exemptions – how do we demonstrate compliance?

• Refusing a DSAR

• Meaning of Manifestly unfounded, excessive and a reasonable period

• The things you need to do to prepare for DSARs

• The role of Controllers & Processors

• What a DSAR good policy looks likes

• DSAR Time limits

• How to recognise a DSAR

• Responding to children

• Verification

• What to provide

• Types of data searches

• Requirements when information is requested by others

• Dealing with bulk requests

• How to fulfil the DSAR in the right format & intelligible

• Dealing with people with disabilities

• Considerations when identifying a 3rd party

• Repeated DSARs & charging

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