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Where Sustainability and Technology Meet

  • 14th July 2022
    8:30am - 10:00am


The Royal Yacht Hotel, Weighbridge

Join us for this insightful event where we discuss how ESG reporting and ESG investment play a part in adding value for organisations

About this event

Human, social, economic and environmental – the four pillars of sustainability. How does Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and investment link to these four pillars and play a part in adding value to an organisation’s bottom line? We are looking to join up the ethical principles of sustainability with technology capability to improve productivity and bring value to the community. Responsible Directors of today need to create the right balance and broaden their business horizons with these vital concepts for today’s world! In this event, we aim to open up the discussion and share our stories, with a particular focus on bringing technology and sustainability together.


This event aims to bring together diverse sectors, create conversations and build a network that can make a real difference for Jersey through knowledge sharing around the key pillars of sustainability to include people (social/community), planet (environment), profit (economic/governance), and culture (human/diversity and inclusion). You’ve heard of ‘green washing’ and now ESG investors are increasingly looking for evidence of companies ‘social washing’, ‘blue washing’ and ‘pink washing’. Learnings from other sectors can be used as signposts in your business to ensure awareness of the four sustainability pillars.

We are holding this event to bring together the best from three traditionally distinct sectors; financial services, technology, and charities –

• Financial service organisations have been working on building their CSR and ESG reporting capabilities, encouraging innovation and developing best practice solutions

• Technology companies excel at innovating, horizon scanning and delivering solutions

• Charitable organisations have a strong sense of purpose and are good at measuring the value add, as well as good at understanding how to make the most of even the smallest innovation

Being a leader in today’s environment means being a responsible Director which increasingly means doing things more sustainably. For example companies that follow the B Corp standard focus on three essential pillars, social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability, which makes them unique, credible and significant.

This event is centred on encouraging attendees to think and act as responsible Directors, pulling together business drive, innovation and also adding value to the people and communities we operate in.

We will be introducing you to organisations who are working in these emerging areas here and now. We will start off with our panel bringing their insights and setting the scene, and then break into groups to discuss how these ideas might work in our sectors. At the end of the session we will come back together and share our learnings.

Further sessions will build on this theme as we nurture further working together across sectors.


Mike Palfreyman – CEO, Jersey Hospice

Wayne Atkinson – Head of Guernsey Corporate, Finance and Funds, Collas Crill

Ed Prow – CEO, Uniti


08.30 – Networking

09.00 – Introduction by Ian Webb, Chair of IoD Jersey Technology Sub-Committee

09.05 – Introduction by sponsor, Nuno Santos Costa, Collas Crill

09.10 – Panellist Lightning Talks

09.30 – Breakout table discussions enabled by Collas Crill facilitators and panellists moving between tables

09.50 – Key findings from tables and Q&A

10.00 – Event finish

Ticket price includes breakfast pastries/fruit and tea/coffee

This event qualifies for 1 hour CPD. Please contact our Branch Officer, Zoe Wauton, at [email protected] should you require a certificate.

This event is kindly sponsored by Collas Crill

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