Innovation hub – Meet the Registrar

JFSC focus session: Meet the Registrar Julian Lamb in the DJ Hub.

  • 10th November 2022
    9:30am - 11:00am


Digital Jersey Hub

Meet our Registrar, Julian Lamb and learn about what he does in his role.

The event will cover two sessions:

– 30 minutes of a presentation – by Julian Lamb – Executive Director of Registry and Registrar

– 1 hour of a drop-in session – facilitated by the Registrar and Olenka Apperley our Advisor at JFSC


In summary, the topics will cover:

– entity formation – Sound Business Practice Policy and higher risk factors

– crypto structures

– virtual asset structures

– capital raising

– business names

– registry digital transformation

– fight against financial crime

– proliferation

– anti-money laundering

– terrorist financing.

Julian will also discuss when a Trust Company Business needs to be instructed to make submissions, what is the annual confirmation process like and how it differs from the previous return.

Registration closes on Tuesday 8 November.

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