KPMG Cyber Security Bootcamp Webinar Series

Cyber Security: the NIST framework explained, myths debunked, terminology explained, risk management tips and tricks for business leaders

  • 9th June 2020 - 7th July 2020
    all day

Due to the forthcoming GFSC cyber regulation (based on the NIST framework) and the likelihood of many other offshore centres adopting a similar approach, we are running a virtual Cyber Bootcamp. Sadly, we cannot do it in a classroom setup due to the new way of working induced by COVID-19 and that’s a shame as we would have loved to share a croissant and coffee over this important discussion. We are, however, delighted to invite you to join us for our Cyber Security Bootcamp webinar series to help you navigate the physical and digital world of Cyber Security Risk Management.

Please visit our Eventbrite page for full details here 

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